SciComm Highlights 5-3-15

Hi, SciCommers! Here we’ve highlighted a variety of recent SciComm endeavors, and the awesome people working on them. 

PCR at CMU believes grad school should include training in public communication (hear, hear!). Keep up with them on Twitter @PCRcmu.

Jojo Scoble left research to start the Online Academic, a blog all about social media and online tools for scientists. Great tips if you want to increase your online presence.

Bob Nidever covers the intersection of art and science at Art/Science Nexus, and holds fantastic Artist/Scientist Meetups in West Los Angeles.

Alison Smith told us that she’s working on Jurassica - an unique museum celebrating the Jurassic Coast. Sponsored by Sir David Attenborough, so you know it’s gonna be good.

Jovana Grbic examines the science of sci-fi and other popular media at ScriptPhD.

Ragnhild Larsson worked on videos highlighting two researchers and their work on nanoparticles in the environment (and your fridge, your socks, your wall paint, and more...) and about sports science (site is in Swedish, but the video is in English).

If you’d like your SciComm blog, organization, or other activity to be included in a future Highlights post, please email us at, or tweet it to us @SciComm_Hub.