Compass Blog: We love science. We want it to get in the hands of the people that need it or can do something with it. These are often the people not reading peer-reviewed literature or attending scientific conferences. COMPASS supports scientists to bridge the worlds of science, policy, and communication. We help scientists find their voice and bring science into the conversation. We specialize in bringing together the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

The SciComm Snob: The author is a master’s of writing candidate at Missouri State University specializing in science writing, technical communication, and information design.

Online Academic: A blog all about social media and online tools for scientists. Great tips if you want to increase your online presence. Author: Josephine Scoble

Astrobetter: This is a blog meant to help graduate students in astronomy. The graduate student authors post resources to help researchers as well as teachers, and also include career advice. Their content is usually applicable to any STEM field.

Crazy Teacher Lady: Former high school teacher turned curriculum developer, who blogs about her experiences and teaching strategies.

Bright: A blog about educational innovation!