Degree-Granting Programs in Science Communication
Institution Name of Program Online option Degree/certification offered Program duration/requirements Cost URL
UW-Madison Ph.D. Minor in Life Sciences Communication no PhD Minor n/a Click here
Johns Hopkins Master of Arts in Science Writing yes M.A. or graduate certificate 9 course masters/5 course certificate $2806/course Click here
Washington State Professional Sci and Tech Writing yes undergraduate certificate 3 five-credit courses $494/credit Click here
Boston University Science Journalism no M.S. 2 semesters + internship Click here
MIT MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing no M.S. 2 semesters + internship $22,360/semester Click here
UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program no graduate certificate 3 quarters + internship Click here
Europe Multiple science journalism programs varies varies Click here
Laurentian University Science Communication Program no Graduate diploma 1 year CAD 11000 Click here
The University of Edinburgh Science Communication & Public Engagement Yes (see next) M.S. 1 year (courses + internship) £8,100 E-mail director
Science Communication & Public Engagement ONLINE - M.S., PgCert, PgDip 1, 2 or 3 years £4,100 Click here
Imperial College London MSc in Science Communication No M.S. 1 or 2 years £ 9,200.00 Click here
MSc in Science Media Production No M.S. 1 year (courses + internship) £ 9,200.00 Click here
University of Otago PhD in Science Communication No PhD 3 years $6,636 NZD/ year Click here
Master of Science Communication No M.S. 2 years $6,636 NZD/ year Click here
Postgraduate Diploma in Natural History Filmmaking and Communication No Diploma 1 year $6,636 NZD Click here
Banff Centre Science Communications No - 2 weeks CAD 5672 Click here
University of the West of England MSc Science Communication No M.S. 12-18 months (full time) or 30-42 months (part time) £5300 (ft) or £2130/year (pt) Click here
Practical Science Communication No PgCert 1 year £2130 Click here
Dublin City University M.Sc. in Science Communication No M.S. 1 year (full time), 2 years (part-time) €6915 (ft) or €3820/year (pt) Click here