Science Education: Get Started

Teach or TA a University-level Course

TA-ing is great experience, especially if you are able to TA a discussion section class in which you have full control over the content you have to cover. That being said, most teaching jobs do not consider TA-ships to be relevant "teaching experience", since the autonomy granted to the TA varies from university to university. Some universities offer graduate students the chance to be the instructor of record for a particular class. Some even offer the opportunity to design a new course. If your university offers such opportunities, please e-mail us ( and we will add it to the following list:

Teach at a Community College

Some community colleges will invite graduate students to be a temporary instructor for a particular class. Usually they will e-mail the relevant department when they have a position open, and the department will e-mail the graduate students. You can also consider reaching out to a local community college.

Guest-Lecture at a High School

Many high schools have opportunities for local experts to come to their classroom and present a lecture about their research, or about a recent discovery in a particular scientific field. Some have "science lunches" once a week where they invite scientists to come talk to their students about being a researcher. If you know of any such schools, please e-mail and we will add it to the following list: