Science Education

This page will provide information on becoming a K-12 teacher (private or public school) or becoming a college or university level lecturer/professor. If you want to learn more about informal science education, please visit our Outreach page.


What sort of jobs can I get in science education?

Teaching Post-docs

Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) : 3-year post-doctoral position that includes a heavy teaching component.

Discipline Based Education Research (DBER) Fellowship 

PhD required: yes

High School Teaching

Carnie Sandoe is a useful match-making site that can help place you with a school that meets your skills and preferences. For public or private high school jobs, you may be asked to run through a practice lesson with your potential future employers.

Private high schools: You do not need a teaching credential to work in a private high school. Sometimes they will prefer that you have had "legitimate" teaching experience (i.e. you were the instructor of record for a class, or you shadowed a high school teacher). For most, having a PhD is a BIG advantage, even if you don't have teaching experience.

Public high schools: Public high schools do require you to have a secondary single-subject teaching credential. Most universities have a certification program (it's usually something the Education Masters students get on their way to the Masters). A certification usually entails taking certain coursework, completing a certain number of hours of student teaching (usually ~200 for a graduate student), and passing several competency exams. The requirements vary by state. Just like the bar exam, you are only certified to teach in the state where you take your exams.

Phd required: no

Certification required: yes (for public schools)

Lecturer - 4 Year College/University

A full time lecturer might be asked to teach two courses per quarter at UCLA (for example), totaling 6 courses over 9 months.

  • PhD required: yes
  • Postdoc required: no (some schools prefer a research post-doc before teaching, however).