Science Education: Professional Organizations

K-12 Teachers

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) - $79/yr, includes access to conferences/workshops, online resources, education journals, awards and honors, and funding opportunities.

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) - $165-265/yr (college, university, lab, industry) or $120-$220/yr (high school). Exact dues depend on your selection of journal subscriptions. Also be sure to find your local chapter and sign up for their mailing list (e.g. LA Association of Physics Teachers, Southern California Association of Physics Teachers, etc.)

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)

American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA)

Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) - maintains a library of physics demos and other instructional resources for teachers.

Society for College Science Teachers (SCST):  An interdisciplinary affiliate of NSTA that is dedicated solely to the study and advancement of college science teaching. We are a dedicated community of college and university teaching scholars working to enhance science education through development and testing of best classroom teaching practices.  Click here to see an application form.