The following is a comprehensive list of all of the resources, projects, and useful websites that we have collected so far. We are always adding to this list, and if you are aware of a project not listed below, please feel free to contact us!

Collected Resources
Resource Type Medium Description
Science Unplugged
K12 Outreach
Video series created by graduate students and used in local high school visits. Based out of the Alan Alda Center at Stonybrook
Click here
Science Entertainment Exchange
Matchmaking program for scientists and multimedia entertainment specialists (film students to Hollywood producers). Based out of UCLA.
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Public Radio Exchange (PRX)
Website to publicly publish your own radio program. They are currently looking for science stories!
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Weekly Space Hangouts Communication Google+ Hangout Weekly Space Hangout aims to bring you the top stories in astronomy every week with in-depth analysis by a team of space journalists and aficionados. Be sure to watch for the occasional special guest or on-location reporting! Click here
Virtual Star Party Communication Google+ Hangout Tune in to see professional and amateur astronomers observing space phenomena in real-time! Click here
Sonic Soiree (Boston) Communication Meet-ups Ari Daniel hosts radio listening parties, potlucks, and meetups for scientists interested in science communication. Click here
Listen Current (formerly Listen Edition) Communication Radio/Podcast Connects educational materials to science podcasts for K12 teachers. Click here
Story Collider Communication Radio/Podcast A podcast that highlights the personal stories of scientists. Click here
Transom Professional Development Radio/Podcast Want to make a podcast but don't know where to start? Transom provides online training for radio broadcasters! Click here
SciFund Challenge Professional Development All This website provides online workshops, training, and materials to get you started with science communication, education, and outreach. Click here
AstronomyCast Communication Podcast Fraser Cain (Universe Today) interviews astronomers about all things space-related! Click here
Science Communication Portfolio Professional Development All The University of Hawaii at Manoa provides this excellent training document for scientists wishing to improve their communication skills. Click here