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The only way to get into the field of science writing is to practice, practice, practice. This means writing regularly and often. Ideas for how to get practice are below.

Blogging: If you are new to any kind of writing, consider starting a blog just to get in the habit of writing. It's also an excellent way to build a portfolio and gain exposure as a writer (if you market your blog well). Click here for a list of the best blogging platforms available to you now (most are free). When applying for a job as a science writer, employers will often ask for the link to your blog to get a sample of your writing. Make sure it's easy to navigate and professional-looking. 

Magazines/NewspapersYou can be hired as a staff writer or editor for a magazine or newspaper (most are published online as well as in print). You can also work as a freelance writer, and submit pieces as you write them. For a list of popular science magazines/journals/newspapers currently accepting submissions, click here.

Journal Editor: Jobs in science writing can lead to a position as an editor, either for a magazine/newpaper/online blog or for a scholarly journal. An editor position for an academic journal requires a PhD in a related field, and often even a post-doc, to show that you have a working knowledge of the field.


Write a guest post for the SciComm Hub Blog!

The SciComm Hub Blog is accepting posts about any topic related to science communication, education or outreach, and about careers in these fields. Suggested topics include:

  • How you became interested in science education/outreach/communication
  • A SciComm program or event you participated in - what was it like? What was good and could use improvement?
  • Success stories from scientists who found SciComm careers
  • Your thoughts on the field of SciComm in general

We will advertise all blog posts to the SciComm community - this could be a great way to work on your science writing and get some exposure and recognition for your writing.

If you would like to write a post, please email us a brief pitch at We're also happy to re-post items from your own blog!