Writing a Diversity Statement

More and more schools are requiring applicants to have a "diversity statement." What does that mean, exactly?

A diversity statement is a narrative that demonstrates to the employer that you are a teacher with the skills and experience to teach students from diverse backgrounds effectively. Employers may also want to see that your own values align with the values and policies of the school itself.

What does a diversity statement look like?

The diversity statement is similar to the teaching statement in that it should paint a picture of you as a teacher, and should specifically address how you have helped students from diverse backgrounds learn material in your classroom. "Diverse backgrounds" can include students from different economic backgrounds, learning needs, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles.

Examples of "diversity activities":

  • outreach activities
  • public talks
  • tutoring
  • pplying methods in your classroom that help students from diverse backgrounds engage with the material

Getting started: 

  • brainstorm about past and future diversity-related activities
  • free-write about what you've done
  • read the diversity statement for the school you're applying to and cater your statement to that school's diversity goals. (UC Diversity Statement)
  • find a narrative thread and follow it